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Now, if you'll excuse me...

Serena Williams is a wife, a mother and a woman of a certain age. What is she doing on the cover of some white people magazine with her ass out? She should be at home with pants on taking care of her kids.

Tennis, I'm assuming, is over. She was still out here winning tournaments as a pregnant woman, but I think she's lost a few matches since becoming a mother. It might be time to put down the racket, before she's seriously injured, or embarrassed. (Her sister recently lost to a middle school-age kid.)

She damn near died giving birth to her child, which is what happens when you try to give birth when you're upwards of 40, and somehow blamed it on racism. There is, in fact, a minor epidemic of black women dying during childbirth, and I wonder to what extent it's caused by them being like 55 years old at the time.

The pics, including the one on the cover, are advertised as unretouched, which is a brave thing to do, except I'm not sure what good photoshop could have done.

I guess they could have corrected for some of the discoloration on the parts of her legs directly adjacent to her nether region, but the main problem is how strong she looks. It's just not very feminine. Sorry!

Of course the magazine will seek credit for putting such an unconventionally attractive woman on the cover, or a black woman at all, for that matter, to the extent that those two groups don't overlap.

I would have been more impressed with either (a) a black chick who's really all that, with her ass completely exposed, or (b) a black woman with something other than her looks to offer the world (this is a hypothetical), dressed like a grown-ass woman.