Rewind: The Blaze Battle

Remember the Blaze Battle? Here’s a clip from the one that came through the Lou, it was hosted by Big Tigger. Our boy Nite Owl ripped it!


Raw Reese Live

If you sleepin’ on Raw Reese it’s time to wake the fuck up! Along with Gena, this East St. Louis native is hell bent on doin’ for the ESTL, what Nelly and Ching did for the Lou. Peep this rare footage of the cat who’s gonna blow Rap A Lot […]


Runway Model & the Black Mickey Mouse

You neva know who or what we’ll run into, where else but Hip Hop Mondays at The Hi Pointe can you run into a runway model & a black Mickey Mouse


Luqmon & Young ILL

We ran into Luqmon making a grand entrance at the Hi Pointe right before our session with Young Ill who had a few choice words for Spotlight, a prelude to lighting his ass up during their freestyle battle. Too bad son didn’t heed the warning.


Live from inside the Men’s Room

This ain’t Cheaters, but we put ’em in all kinds of compromising positions. You should have seen the look on Lea Mishell’s (Entertainment Editor of the St. Louis Evening Whirl) face when she realized what was up…hehehehehe