Spit: Phoenix

Phoenix winner of the Sexy Lady Contest at the Dimes & Dubs Car Show rips it! Sista straight spittin’ def more than just a pretty face…


Reece breaks down the Car Game

Reece broke us off with a lil sum sum on the history of the Car game in Lou at the 1st Annual Dimes & Dubs Car Show.


Support Your Own

1st Annual Dimes & Dubs Car Show Event Coordinator Chuck gives real insight into what’s keeping the Lou from bein’ the next Atlanta


Gena Dope Boy Fresh

Kyjuan Chingy FrescoKane


Urbody In the Club Up – Da Hol 9 #HellaThurl #stlhiphop #stl

Urrrbody In the club Up Music Video by Da Hol 9 (Kemo & Big Sexxxy Koool Kaos) From the album THAT HELLA THURL SHIT ft “Nina Pop”,” Click Clack” ft Lil Jon & “Lemmehollatcha” LIsten / Dowload http://stlhiphop.com/that-hella-thurl-shit-da-hol-9/ http://www.stlhiphop.com http://www.twitter.com/stlhiphop http://www.facebook.com/stlhiphop http://www.instagram.com/stlhiphop