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I get why A$AP Rocky being locked up in Sweden is a major inconvenience. He's already missed four tour dates, he's about to miss eight more, and I don't know that the state of his career is such that he can be out here missing shows.

I don't know the names of any A$AP Rocky songs, and I'm pretty sure it's not just a matter of me being a man of a certain age, with discerning tastes.

Otherwise I'm not sure what the problem is. I keep seeing stories about him bitching and moaning about the conditions in jail in Sweden, as if it could possibly be worse than, say, the infamous Workhouse here in St. Louis, which is fucked the fuck up to the point where Ben & Jerry's had to get involved.

I've never been to jail in Sweden, but I'm thinking the worst thing about it would have to be that it's not co-ed.

A$AP Rocky is bitching and moaning that it's filthy and disease-ridden, but apparently that's just because they've got him in a cell next to a guy who's been flinging his shit at people—a fairly common thing in jail, as discussed in an in depth investigation in Mother Jones. The rest of the facility is clean.

He's also complaining that the only thing he has to eat is apples—but not because that's the only thing they've been giving him. He can't eat the rest of the food there, he says. The meatballs at IKEA have horse meat in them, so that could be an issue. He might need to see if they have any pastries. I used to fuxwit toaster strudel heavy, and I'm pretty sure that's Swedish.