1 Year Anniversary Of CVPA School Shooting, Sexyy Red & World War III

My words today are for young people. Your lives are at stake. You’re the ones getting shot in the streets, in schools and by police while these grifting assed Dem Party orgs get millions to ‘save you’. And all the time they’re telling you the problem is Republicans in Jeff City over a hundred miles away are the problem. Not white liberals and black misleaders that control everything in your community… economic development in your neighborhood, the schools, the police, the justice system and even crime.

You are collateral damage. Your deaths are nothing more than something for them to run for elected office on. And to fundraise on. Look at the Ferguson protesters that talked big shit to get elected, then once in office because mascots of the very people they were supposed to be fighting.

Sexyy Red is not being attacked because of her lyrics. She’s being attacked for the same reason Ice Cube was attacked: Trump. Cube was cancelled for meeting with Trump and doing something white liberals and black misleaders said was un-doable: Tangibles. $500 billion. Biden’s offer was crackpipes. Don’t believe me, Google it. Red is being attacked because she told the truth. Even Rolling Stone Magazine had to give her that.

If you’ve been paying attention to world events, you know what’s coming next is continuation… and bigger than the CVPA shooting or Sexyy Red. Now the people that view your lives as collateral damage are beating the drums of war. What they’re not telling you and what these old negros don’t understand is that this time is different.

Peep! 👉🏾  This shit again: Two bodies found burned, shot within hours in St. Louis City, County

Iran, China and Russia are not the Taliban. They are countries… with armies, armory and nuclear weapons. If this shit pops off they will reinstate the draft. How do I know? Because Dems were just trying to change the law so they could draft women. Republicans shot it down. It won’t be their children or even illegal migrants going to the frontlines to fight this war, it will be you.

Photo: St. Louis Public Radio

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