“What the Ordinance requires,” the lawsuit contends, “is not an investment or even a loan. The Ordinance requires the City to give an immense gift of money to Hockey Ownership. The Ordinance requires the City to hand over $105.9 million dollars to Hockey Ownership over a period of 30 years.”

The lawsuit brings to a boil a couple of simmering debates that have been roiling in St. Louis for months, if not years.

How can a city that struggles to pay its bills and provide basic services — such as public safety — continue to invest in professional sports stadiums and arenas, particularly when the wealthy owners of such teams appear to be the primary beneficiaries?

And why should the city’s residents, many of them living in poverty, continue to shoulder the burden of investing in downtown amenities that are used by St. Louis County residents and folks from all around the region?"

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