People are in limbo, confused, lack direction and stuck in suspended animation. Not one week goes by that I don't asked 'what next' by someone looking for direction. Most people don't like my answer, "Change starts with you, peel back the layers of yourself"... most folk avoid that. They're like live wires Neely Fuller Jr describes in this clip, they operate from feeling/emotion rather than logic, are all over the place, doing for the sake of doing, doing to fill a void, doing to avoid being alone... They are not in tuned to themselves and as a result, not on a path towards elevation or change. They're stuck in a self defeating cycle.

Dr Rick Wallace breaks it down and explains how to work through it in this clip...

Take your vision, put it in front of you, undress yourself and build a person capable of achieving your vision. You don't get what you want, you get who you are.

Strength, endurance and discipline are build on resistance... resisting the 'old you' you no longer want to be... not running away or using others to fill a void but engaging YOU. Most people fail because they don't want to do the work, don't have patience to go through the process or are unwilling to invest in themselves.

Anywhere in life psychologically, emotionally, physically or spiritually there will be obstacles and resistance... if you are avoiding those in order to find that place of comfort you're robbing yourself of the very tools that are necessary to get you to the place you say you want to be..

You can't have promise, without first going through the process.