Nor do I feel for Russell Westbrook... white folks feel entitled, like purchasing a ticket gives them the right to hurl racial slurs and even spit on black athletes... Its part of the game. And has been part of the game since the first black athlete integrated these leagues. The leagues cosign it otherwise they would have a zero tolerance policy and handle these incidents on the spot.

It was one thing when black athletes had no choice, today's athletes have choices... they can build their own, yet refuse to do so.

I'm not exerting any energy on wealthy negros who cry foul/racism in sports and entertainment when they have the ability to build and take the power back but refuse to do so.

Russell Westbrook Says Utah Jazz Fan Made ‘Racial’ Taunt That Led to Confrontation

A video showed the N.B.A. star saying he would beat up the fan and his wife. Westbrook said the fan had told him to “get down on my knees like you used to.”