Kickin’ It With Kanjia

Chillin’ with Basement Beats (Nelly’s Producers): Wyshmaster, KoKo, Jelly Joe, Wally, Tony Tech, the man of the hour Kanjia & fam in our own lil afterset celebrating Kanjia’s Birthday Party. This what we did after y’all went home, beeches…


Jibbs Live @ The Jibbs Feat Jibbs Release Party

Jibbs shows how the Lou get down, doin’ it live from the crowd at this impromptu performance at the Jibbs Feat Jibbs release party. http://www.stlhiphop.com & get at us on myspace/stlhiphop


Jibbs Feat Jibbs: The Shotti

Young Jibbs givin’ it up for the hometown at his Jibbs Feat Jibbs album release party. Go to http://tv.stlhiphop.com to watch exclusive, behind the scenes and VIP footage