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After a tumultuous impact throughout 2018 with the success of his debut album “4 So LongPontiac’s Kid Swoop is back for another round. Letting off a brand new eight record effort “Little Man, Running Wild” has the bar raiser embracing a new chapter in his rise. From start to finish the EP carries it weight in audible gold, including one of my favorite records of the year so far in the closer “Tribulations” feat Dot2X, Sin Crawford, & Castro. I will have my full review here at soon, in the meantime on this Valentine’s Day forget the flowers – buy your loved one the latest Kid Swoop project, stay home, & enjoy the sounds of “Little Man, Running Wild“.

That’s not all! We had a chance to hear a little bit of the story behind “Little Man, Running Wild” from the source himself! Here is Kid Swoop giving us an explanation of the latest project in his own words.

“It honestly feel like May 4th, 2018 all over again. Little Man, Running Wild is yet again another celebration and milestone for SwoopNation and I! They really motivated me during the whole creative process, due to how much shade and negativity was being thrown at me by my own city. I overly thank them for constantly tunneling my vision upon the greater prize. Honestly, that’s where the title and cover art came from, being the underdog since a jit led to me running wild seeking for answers, support, love and courage. I’m proud to say SwoopNation led the race and February 14th, 2019 will be the epic finish line of Fury! Don’t just Buy/Stream Little Man, Running Wild take heave to the free game I’m applying.”