Here's an article about our scene that very few people here have probably seen, its from the Guardian, a UK newspaper. They discuss the violence in our scene with quotes from local artists and promoters... one summed the violence up as street shit boiling over into the hip hop scene. This is true and why I (and so many others) walked away when clubs started getting shot up... the violence expanded to artists getting killed.

I could never write a piece like this without drama and pushback. I could barely talk about issues impacting the scene, the fuckery, exploitation or even write a review without some immature artists or promoters getting in their feelings and wanting to take it to a street level.

Rappers get killed everywhere, black people get killed every day and that doesn't keep us from keeping it moving. Rappers getting killed isn't the reason a lot of industry folks are good when it comes to the scene. The sad reality is nobody cares when a rapper gets killed. There are hundreds if not thousands ready to take his/her place.

The reason a lot of industry folks are good when it comes to our scene is because street shit is impacting business. Street shit is why I don't do certain artists/promoters. It's why I don't review local music, why I don't go to shows, why I stopped doing events and covering the scene. It's why I focus on transforming stlhiphop from the oldest, biggest and and one of the most respected hip hop brands in the midwest to a platform that provides a centralized outlet to plug into various regions (DET, CHI, KC, etc) as well as provides a path from the midwest to national and international.

Yes I still fuck with St. Louis... it will be the digital hub. As for St. Louis artists, there are those I fuck with and those I don't. And before cats start crying, our scene is more than artists. Hip hop is more than artists. Most of y'all ain't hip hop, y'all just rap. If ya'll were hip hop this wouldn't be an issue.

St Louis rap: a would-be thriving scene struggles amid pervasive violence

The city’s insular scene is full of aspiring talent, but a string of murders involving high-profile stars has led to rappers relocating for their own safety