Donna Brazile wasn't gonna do shit, we can dispel that myth right now...

"This story has been updated to clarify the process that Donna Brazile considered initiating to have Hillary Clinton replaced as the Democratic presidential nominee. As interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, Brazile was not empowered to replace her unilaterally."

And miss me with the she feared her life... nah she didn't... just fodder to sell her book... she's really laying it on thick, even playing the slave card.

"“I’m not Patsey the slave,” Brazile recalls telling them, a reference to the character played by Lupita Nyong’o in the film, “12 Years a Slave.” “Y’all keep whipping me and whipping me and you never give me any money or any way to do my damn job. I am not going to be your whipping girl!”"

But she was their whipping girl. And had no problem being their Aunt Jemima. Its only a problem now because the Dem ship is sinking, the brand is toxic and somebody didn't pay her.

Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee

In her new book, the former DNC chief details dysfunction in the Democratic Party and reveals secret deliberations to replace Clinton-Kaine with Biden-Booker after Hillary Clinton’s fainting spell.