M-City J.R. with the video for the HOTTEST SONG ON THE STREETS “ADDICTED TO MY EX”

Source Detroit Rap

Cuffin Season has officially concluded and M-City J.r. has provided the soundtrack for your new found freedom right in time for the summer weather on this Yola Gang produced banger. Be clear this is music to flex on your Ex too. Turn the volume up and get your flex on.https://itunes.apple.com/album/id988552190?ls=1&app=itunesSocial Media: Instagram: @MCityJr Twitter: @MCityJr SnapChat: @MCityJr 


The Woodrow Creed

Source Detroit Rap

Anyone that knows me, knows that I speak hip hop. Dahlia is always out to discover someone with some substance. Social media has a way of bringing people together and some ways by fortunate unplanned events. I had heard of the gentleman or should I said read, (in tags on Facebook), the name Woodrow The Entertainer on multiple occasions. His mentions were the usual “working with this person, shout out to that person,” kind of posts but something made me dig a little deeper. Through my research I