Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the cannibalistic & retaliatory nature of Amerikkka’s left and their m.o. of silencing rather than debating dissent… exactly what’s been playing out in St. Louis. She also talks about race, black excellence being an exception in the US while ‘the norm’ in Nigeria and shares her personal struggle with black consciousness.

“The police union contract — and the organization that bargains the contract, the Portland Police Association — is the centerpiece of police power in Portland. Police unions across the country play similar roles, acting as powerful barriers to any substantive reform, ensuring that real police accountability is unachievable. Without organizing against this barrier to reform, police will continue to act with impunity, knowing there’s no real accountability for their actions.”

A new black public safety director doesn’t change that.

Police Unions vs. Black Lives | Black Agenda Report

“Any set of demands regarding police reform should include a strategy to directly confront the police union in order to limit its power and influence.”




Black St. Louis: Leaderless and wandering

One only has to look at the last mayoral campaign in St. Louis and assimilate how the black community operates — or fails to operate. I keep thinking about the

One commenter expressed what many have expressed to me,”And all this has accomplished what exactly? Overtime for law enforcement, more tension, property destruction and turmoil. What is any of this doing to improve relations? Nothing.”Huge disconnect a…

Last week we was more of the same… protests, meetings with between Democrats & movement/protest leaders leaders… and the elevation of Judge Jimmie Edwards to Public Safety Director… a week those on both sides desperate for a W will declare a win… the same way they declared Capt Ron Johnson a win, Ferguson’s ‘historic’ city council’s new black members and new black police chief wins… the same way they tried to sell Starski Wilson and Traci Blackmon’s addition to the Ferguson Commission a win… same way they declared Kim Garner getting elected St. Louis’ first black circuit attorney a win.

On paper replacing the Police Chief’s boss sounds good… the chief answers to the Public Safety Director. The Public Safety Director operate independent of the mayor? Or does the PSD answer to the mayor? Replacing the person the chief answers to who answers to the mayor is not gonna change the mayor’s or establishment’s agenda.

Don’t get me wrong, we need to clean house… but we need to be real about it… and start collective efforts to start massive removals… and not be content with the newest black face they put in position to pacify masses.

This is always the play… they did the same thing during Ferguson.