“I don’t know what is wrong with the young people, that they are killing each other,”

^^^ That right there is the problem. The disconnect that elected officials, law enforcement and many in the community have in regard to young people and a fundamental lack of understanding how years of neglect, strong arm tactics and disastrous polices created this environment and the crime/murder epidemic we’re experiencing today. You reap what you sow or as Malcolm said chickens are coming home to roost.

City residents hope crime prevention summit will dampen spiking violent crime

NORTH ST. LOUIS – A crime prevention summit was held Saturday in North St. Louis in an effort to stop the violence, “It’s very timely that we are having this event. We all have been shaken by the rash of violence that is happening in our community, said Sal Martinez. Some community leaders say it’s…

Like this… we have yet to move beyond rallies, marches and whatever/whoever is the latest trying to increase awareness to actually strategizing, exploring alternatives or creating a blueprint that addresses the root causes of crime and poverty. We keep turning to the people who created, turned a blind eye or benefit from our condition.

Peace rallies, marches and rides are a temporary escape.. a way to feel something is being done, but they don’t acknowledge, address or offer any solutions. Its time to move beyond.

Better Family Life holds “Peace Ride” event in north St. Louis

Hundreds of motorcyclists filled the streets of north St. Louis for a “Peace Ride” held by Better Family Life.

Had an interesting discussion with Dr Reynaldo Anderson about “movement addiction”, people needing a fix, to do something, anything, always fiening for the next… folks being stuck in a timewarp trying to recreate what happened organically in 2014 and…

Like a drinking game… literally playing with people’s lives. The new hustle since term limits were imposed… “Critics, including people who held leadership positions for the corrections department, have said in recent years that they want the parole…