“Monday, Better Together released a study that says in the last five years, municipalities and fire districts around the region passed 100 new tax increases.Spending for municipal services, the study says, increased by $119 million.But overall populati…

Pay more and get considerably less…

“One of the biggest problems is that we spend more than $2-billion dollars annually on services. Other metro areas are much less. “We were paying up to $750-million dollars more per year for similar municipal services. The study we released today shows that the spending has increased by $120-million dollars in just 3 years. That’s the result of a hundred tax increases we’ve spent in the St. Louis region in the last 5 years alone.””

$750-million dollars more. Per year.

They break the bank for developers and stadium deals, then pinch pennies when it comes to education, social services, public transportation, crime prevention, blighted neighborhoods, community programs & resources… they don’t even require developers pay a living wage. Entire communities are being neglected, constantly told there is no money. Last week Lyda Krewson said there was no money in the budget to pay for witness protection.

This is gross malfeasance, ineptness and incompetence by elected officials. These people are ill-equipped to fix the problems plaguing the region, many of which are of their own doing.

Study says St. Louis area spends twice as much on services than other metro areas

ST. LOUIS – A new report released Monday by the group, Better Together, had some sobering statistics that should make everyone in the region take notice. Their study found that St. Louis area municipalities spend nearly twice as much as other metro areas for basic services on an annual basis. City l…

They say get involved. They say report criminal activity. They say work with police and the establishment… Ferguson residents did it all, even provided video of drug sales on the premises of Ferguson Market, same store employees were captured on video exchanging cigarillos for weed with Mike Brown.

The president of the Dellwood-Ferguson West Florissant Business Association said he saw questionable activity and that the store should be shut down.

“Thomas Nellums is a leader at Family of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, located behind the market.

He said the church’s windows and van have been “shot up” because of “activities coming from that parking lot that nobody’s doing anything about.”

He said he believes the church has lost members of its congregation because they are fearful of activities there.”

Police got over 300 calls since 2015 about activities in the store.

All that and Ferguson City Council is still tap dancing.

“One resident called the council “historically unresponsive” to community needs.”

Residents urge Ferguson council to close market linked to death of Michael Brown

Some residents say they not only want Ferguson Market & Liquor to lose its license but completely shut down, alleging drug activity and other illegal dealings at and around the

Kansas City MO man free after serving 17 years for trying to steal a purse in Walmart parking lot… Other than both being lightskinned with braids these brothas look nothing alike. Who knows if they both had goatees back then… even with them today t…

“As the 3rd anniversary of the Ferguson unrest approaches it is apparent to me that the Black community locally and in other places affected by the aftermath of unrest is little more than a coat rack to hang their “social justice ” or “law and order” d…