Don’t be fooled. Lots of Don Ruzikas in positions of authority making decisions that affect people’s lives. They think its a game.

“A previously undisclosed state investigation found that Ruzicka and an unidentified Department of Corrections employee entertained themselves at some parole hearings by trying to get inmates to say words and song titles such as “platypus” and “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.”

They even kept score, according to corrections department Inspector General Amy Roderick’s report. Her report concluded that Ruzicka and the employee who attended parole hearings violated a governor’s executive order and other procedures by failing to conduct state government in a manner that “inspires confidence and trust.””

Missouri parole board member resigns amid word game revelations

Don Ruzicka faced scrutiny of the handling of parole board hearings with inmates.

“We know that children walking up and down the streets each and every day, all they see is hopelessness,” Nasheed says. “Crime is a direct correlation to what we’re seeing happening with vacant and abandoned buildings.”

“We like to see churches buy the vacant lot across the street for a parking lot or a playground,” Sweet says. “We like to see a homeowner buy the vacant lot next door to put in a vegetable garden. We like to see people expand their yards.”

“What we want to do is get those (abandoned) buildings back on the tax roll and make those neighborhoods receptive to wholesomeness,” Nasheed says.”

This is a start… communities are struggling. Property values are down. Homeowners in these communities can barely afford to maintain their property let alone purchase a vacant lot next door. If these people could leave they would. A better idea would be to give these vacant buildings away to anyone willing to live in them… provide grants and loans to pay for the renovations to bring them up to code. Make loan payments comparative to mortgages and rent in the area. Have them pay taxes. Then once the loans are paid off, give them the deed.

Give residents the same breaks y’all give developers.

Crime Fighting Through Community Development

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed hosts forum on home ownership through LRA property auctions & sheriff sales.