I came out against the creation of this civilian oversight board… 1. because it had no power and 2. because of corruption within the department… told y’all back then, only to have negros argue me up & down on my post… negros whose loyalties were with the people who framed […]

If St. Louis didn’t have so many other issues this would be a great idea… but not such a great idea in a city that been consistently named the murder capital and most violent in the nation. Riding one of these bikes could make you a moving target. Carjackings are […]

Since BLM came on the scene… Zimmerman walked. Darren Wilson walked. Not one officer involved in a high profile shooting where BLM interjected themselves has served one day of jail time. Zimmerman is free and enjoying life while Jay Z continues to rap about him. Jay/Bey BLM and the Dems […]