Stop standing next to those who sanction the murder of your loved ones

Stop standing next to those who sanction the murder of your loved ones

Fiancee of Anthony Smith and Gov. Greitens call for peace ahead of Stockley verdict

The fiancée of Anthony Smith and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens called for peace ahead of a verdict in the Jason Stockley trial.

“Media reports and reparation announcements from officials indicate that Wilson may rule Friday. Gov. Eric Greitens has the National Guard on standby. Police are working 12-hour shifts, starting Friday. All downtown courthouses will be closed, including the federal courthouse.

Greitens and Mayor Lyda Krewson are urging calm. Also asking for peace is Smith’s fiance, Christina Wilson.”

The community will do what it do. Dont be fooled by politicians, ‘movement leaders’, nonprofits or clergy trying to jump out in front of the organic response or outoftowners positioning to coopt. No group speaks for the community, they speak for their faction. This is a free for all.

The days of committing offenses and atrocities against the community then hiding behind the victim’s family are over.

You cannot call for peace while preparing for war.

Calm urged as ruling nears in ex-St. Louis officer’s trial

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The St. Louis mayor and Missouri governor along with the fiancee of the man killed by former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley are urging calm as a judge’s ruling in Stockley’s murder case draws near. Stockley fatally shot Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. Stockley testified he tho…