Why hasn’t there been any change? Look in the mirror. Look at the shit you allowed the past 4 years. I’m talking about on our side. Look at what you let slide, who you allowed to lead. What you’re still letting slide… and who you’re still allowing to lead. But […]

Y’all see this. Y’all sat back and watched this the past 4 years. Many of you applauded these folks while Darren and I were sounding the alarm. They got you caught up in emotion. In seeing black faces. In seeing negros show out. In seeing your fellow activist pimp his/her […]

People don’t want to study, they just wanna do what they wanna do, damn if it sets us back or keeps us stagnant. As long as they’re getting theirs, as long as they’re in the limelight, put on a pedestal and are getting theirs … that’s all that matters. At […]