Made In St. Louis ft. Nelly – Made In America

Local artists talk the most shit about Nelly, but at the end of the day he's still the only St. Louis rapper in the game. The rest are either stuck in their careers, hating or still piggybacking off him.


We wuz there… Mary Moore’s Who Do You Know Networking Party 2014 with Phil Cleveland @whobeta @stlhiphop #TheSneakAttack

Coverage soon, y'all know the drill

The Rink Rebooted

Trailer for documentary about St. Louis/ESTL skate scene... coming soon to the Tivoli

Tech N9ne talks Forbes List & Things You Never Heard with Jihad Muhammad

The BADDEST ft Durant & Dick Gregory

"Now THIS is a black ad" - Christian Gregory


St. Louis expanding television presence. TV the next frontier?

There are more St. Louis based and referenced shows than ever before... but is every show a good look?


The Middle of the Map

Who & What's popping throughout the midwest!


#NowPlaying: Eminem Presents the Road to Total Slaughter, Murphy Lee vs Jay E, Urban Grind TV + New & Classic Midwest Music Videos


Live & direct from the birthplace of hip hop radio


If you follow bgyrl on Facebook or Twitter then you know nothing's off the table. Real talk, no additives or preservatives.


Enter the Gateway to the MidWest (Pic: Machine Gun Kelly )

Curtis Young Shoutout!

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